What We Offer

About US

Founded in 1978, the Franco Irish Student Exchange Programme is run by Colm O’Neill and his French counterparts, throughout different regions in France. With over 3000 exchanges to date, our experience and knowledge of what makes a successful exchange is second to none.

Why choose us?

Personal Contact, Familiar Families

Our organisers in France are trusted colleagues, working as teachers in the region (Brittany, the Loire Atlantique or Franche-Comté) and so are closely acquainted with the exchange students themselves, the host families and the areas visited. This enables us to find the most suitable French partner and family for our Irish students. We endeavour to ensure that our pupils will be happy with their match and email exchanges with their proposed French family prior to departure are an excellent way to get to know each other before meeting.

Total Immersion

We believe that total immersion in French life and culture is the best way of ensuring proficiency in the language. In this regard we offer a supervised Summer Exchange and Homestay Programme as well as a Transition Year option throughout the school year where students can choose their own individual dates depending on their particular requirements. It is through living with this family and sharing the experiences of everyday French life that the Irish student will develop and enhance his or her French language skills. This will be of significant benefit in the Leaving Certificate exams where the oral and aural components account for 45% of the overall mark.


We want our students to feel at home and at ease in their new surroundings. Should any student have any problem whatsoever while in France, they will be able to contact their dedicated French organiser at any time, day or night; full contact details will be issued prior to departure. The Irish organisers are in daily contact with their French counterparts and always aim to resolve any problem that arises as quickly as possible.